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Delos Encoder Co.,Ltd is a professional company to develop and produce Precision Digital Readouts, Linear Scale, Magnetic Scale, in Shenzhen. From The beginning, Delos Encoder ultimate objective was to provide the best Products and services to satisfy requirement of its customers.
In order to provide its customers with products of the highest quality, Delos Encoder is committed to the continuous improvement of its products, manufacturing processes, working environment and the skills of its people. all its tests are based on internationally accepted quality standards. And the accuracy of Linear Encoder is controlled by laser technology. You can trust that you will be satisfied when you use Delos Encoder Digital Readout, Linear Scale, Magnetic scale, and industrial automation products for increasing the productivity and value of your products.

In year 2019, with our long-term Partner, we have opened a sales office with warehouse located in Poland. It is based near Krakow city and managed by APM MORKOM company which is one of the leader on market in this industry from 2003. All our standard products are always in stock there and can be ordered and delivered in any part of Europe. We did it with a purpose to make a delivery to your place more quick and comfortable, and to provide a technical support if required. We do hope this will allow us to make with you a long-term and successful relationships possible.

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Representative Delos in Europe:
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